4 Shoe Care Products to Uplift the Standards of Your Pair

Shoes are the most significant part of one’s outfit and it is believed that you are being judged specifically based on the style and essence of your shoes. The way you carry your kicks says a lot about you and that’s why many people are always busy taking good care of their favourite shoes. Let’s be honest! We have never given a second thought to the fact that the pair which was beloved to us is now resting in peace in our storerooms. Well, it’s a bitter statement that we get attracted to the most fascinating shoes but lack in taking care of them and that’s why we end up using them for a little time only.

If you really want to keep your dream kicks always alive then you should opt for the products that help you in pampering your shoes. There is this myth among our communities that kicks cannot last for more than a year but it’s completely erroneous. We can increase the life span of our pair if we act proficiently and accordingly. This blog completely focuses on the enthralling shoe care products that will uplift the standards of your much-loved pairs.

1- Aldo Shoe Polish Cream

You have heard of shoe polishes right! But I bet you haven’t heard of anything like Shoe Polish Cream and nothing can beat the audacity of Aldo Shoe Polish Cream. This thick mousse is designed to clean the pair made of leather, synthetics or textiles-all colours by giving them a dazzling look that you have never seen before. It is intended to remove the unwanted dirt, salt, water and other stubborn stains by leaving your shoes all new and lively again. To get an elite discount on this polish cream you should use 6th Street Code KSA to enjoy rocking the look more.

2- Adidas Sport – Foam Cleaner

Have you ever fantasized about using your favourite old kicks again?! If not then get ready to enjoy your beloved pair once again as Adidas Sport Foam Cleaner is here for the rescue. This foam cleanser is an all-in-one product that is easy to use and gives instant results. Its lid brush helps in cleaning the dirt and stains actively from your footwear. The citrus scent leaves them all fresh and creates a vibe full of passion and gusto.

3- Adidas Sport – Protector

The first that we should think about before destroying our new pairs with the shoddier dust and stains is giving them ultra protection and in this regard, nothing can beat the exceptionality of Adidas Sports Protector. This protector creates an invisible shield around your footwear by fighting against the dust and small micro-particles that demolish your footwear. It is effective on a diverse range of materials and does not compromise the breathability of your kicks. 

4- Fresh Up Shoe Care

We use fragrance to create a soothing and calming vibe around us so why we have never thought to use deodorant for our shoes? Fresh Up Shoe Care fragrance is the best one when it comes to keeping your shoes fresh all day long. The odour that is produced by the bacteria, instantaneously vanishes with the help of this product. It will give your kick a pleasant smell of sea breeze which is a bonus.