All About The Lord Farquaad Cosplay Costume

All the mythical creatures had been exiled from Farquaad’s kingdom, initiating them to seek safety in Shrek’s swamp. To force the Gingerbread to reveal the whereabouts of the entire fairytale characters that he hasn’t yet arrested or exiled, Farquaad tormented him back at his castle. The guard’s captain arrived and said that they know the location of the Mirror of magic just as Gingerbread Man was about to divulge what he knows. Farquaad questioned the mirror if Duloc was the best kingdom among them all. The mirror informed him that although he is not yet a true king, he could be the one by wedlock a princess.

How to Make Yourself Look Like Shrek’s Farquaad?

Here is the Lord Farquaad costume from Shrek;

  • Farquaad’s attire is predominantly red, consisting of a crimson tunic, a red cloak, and a black bodysuit.
  • Black hair with a pageboy cut is Farquaad’s trademark wig.
  • Accessories for Farquaad: Don’t forget your red helmet, black boots and red leather gloves to complete your Farquaad Halloween costume.

Cosplay for Farquaad

Lord Farquaad is dressed mostly in red, including his crimson tunic, cape, and helmet. He is extremely short, has a pageboy haircut, and has a prominent chin.

Farquaad, is a despotic ruler who will stop at nothing to establish himself as the legitimate ruler of Duloc. He quietly observes as Thelonius puts Gingy into a full glass of pure milk and has no issue with the cruelty and desecration being inflicted upon the victim. Fiona may be attractive to him, but his desire for power is what led him to choose to wed her.

His need for “perfection,” his desire to rule like a king, and his diminutive height reveal a man who has serious self-image issues. Farquaad compensates for his diminutive size by exercising power and dominance. Other illustrations of this involve the imposing Duloc Castle, the many murals and statues depicting him that can be found all across Duloc, and his tomb, which depicts him atop the dragon. Farquaad disputes Gingy’s notion that he is a monster and counters that monsters are creatures from fairy tales. Even though he views fairytale characters as a hindrance to his ideal society, he has zero issues with marrying a beautiful princess from one to become a king. He also doesn’t consider his brevity as a hindrance to Duloc’s perfection, even though he states that this is his ultimate goal.

Despite having all these characteristics, he is a trustworthy person as shown by the tale that he kept his vow to give back the good deed to Shrek in his swamp after receiving Fiona. He was extremely harsh and ungrateful, never thanked Donkey or Shrek, and claimed sole credit for the entire rescue. He seems to be a capable leader because Duloc prospered while he was in charge. He is also unpopular with the populace, as evidenced by the fast applause and cheers for Shrek throughout the competition and the repeated greetings when he interrupts Fiona’s wedding.