Black Hair Colour – Get Shiny Hair

Black is a classy shade that never goes out of style. Be it a cloth or a hair colour, black is a beautiful shade that is blended effortlessly with every other hair colour. Whether you go for highlights, ombre, or balayage, black is bound to outshine and make your tresses look voluminous and thick. Black hair colour has many benefits. Nowadays people across the globe are going for black hair shade because it is a great neutral base if you wish to colour your hair. so, let us look at some of the benefits of black hair shade.

  • Black never goes out of style. No matter whichever style is in trend, black always remains in trend.
  • Black hair; be it in a highlighted form or global form; enhances your facial features. Black suits your skin tone, undertone, eye colour, and personality.
  • Dark hair makes your hair look thick and dense. They make your hair look volumized and thick.
  • Black hair colour is easy to maintain. They do not wear off with time and add shine and lustre to your locks.
  • Black hair shade effectively covers your grey hair and is super low-maintenance. It isn’t expensive and looks absolutely amazing.
  • Black hair is every girl’s natural accessory that can be adorned. Naturally, black hair makes you look simple yet beautiful.

So, these are some of the benefits of black hair shade. Godrej Expert Rich Crème is a natural hair shade that must be used to colour your hair. Godrej black dye is infused with Amla, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, etc., that nourishes your hair from root to tip and minimises damage. They add colour and do not make your hair dry and weak. Try out this amazing hair dye and give colour and care to your tresses. Now that you know the benefits of black hair, let us have a look at some of the best hair shades that can be blended with black hair shades.

Black Hair with Highlights – Top Hair Shades

Black hair colour is striking and has a charm of its own. Whether you want depth or simply add a tinge of colour to your hair, black hair highlights are the perfect choice for you. Check out the 20 gorgeous shades that we have picked for you. These highlights are a must-try! Have a look!

  1. Black Hair with Silver Highlights

Gone are the days when silver and grey hair was a topic to be stressed over! Grey and silver have become a new trend that is taking over. Besides giving a gorgeous look, silver highlights are a great option if your hair is already turning grey. Blending them with silver highlights is going to give you an alluring look. If your hair is not turning grey, then you can just leach some layers with a permanent hair dye and then follow it up with highlights. Try out this trendy hair shade now!

  • Black Hair with Cherry Highlights

A combination of deep cherry and black shade is not new. Besides the fact that this shade looks absolutely stunning, the shade blends effortlessly looking just like your natural hair. If you want the deep red highlights, go for the balayage hair colouring technique. The colour gives a certain subtlety and elegance to your locks. The shade is super low-maintenance and adds depth and dimension to your hair. Thus, to give your locks a gorgeous look, you can go with this shade. You can also try a global red hair colour to completely transform your look. Try this shade now!

  • Black Hair with Platinum Blonde Highlights

Embrace your grunge look with platinum blonde highlights. Pairing your black hair with platinum blonde highlights will create a stark contrast in your locks, thereby giving you an off-street chic style. This hair colour requires bleaching your hair, thus you need to take care of your tresses after colouring. Bleached hair requires care after the hair colour is done. Thus, this shade is high-maintenance and it is best that you consult a hair colourist before going for this hair colour.

  • Black Hair with Chocolate Brown Highlights

Get into the look of a sun-kissed brunette and achieve beautiful hair. Black hair looks absolutely stunning when they are paired with chocolate brown highlights. This hair colour resembles as if the sun is naturally lightening your hair. You can go with a much lighter shade of highlights as well. But this is one of our favourite shades of highlights because it adds a tinge of shine and lustre to your locks. Before going for a lighter shade than this one, keep one thing in mind: the more contrasting the colour combo, the less natural it will look. Go with chocolate brown highlights and give your hair a stunning look.

  • Black Hair with Mahogany Highlights

Mahogany hair colour is having a moment. It is one of the hottest colours of this year and looks amazing when it is incorporated with natural black hair colour. This shade gives you a deep and rich look, thereby adding dimension to your locks. This hair colour gives an entirely transformed look to your tresses, thereby enhancing your overall appearance. Try out this amazing shade and give a different vibrancy and dynamism to your locks.

  • Black Hair with Navy Blue Highlights

Blue is also a subtle shade that blends seamlessly with black hair. Navy blue is a unique shade that is a fun hair colour to experiment with. It is not a major contrast from black hair, thereby making it a great option to go with. Navy blue gives a bright shade to your locks and adds a certain sense of style to them. It is not a regular shade but you can definitely try this one. Style your hair in waves and get beautiful, gorgeous locks. Add some dynamism to your locks and try out this amazing shade.

  • Black Hair with Caramel Highlights

A warm shade to amp up your look! Caramel is a versatile and warm shade of brown that easily blends in your natural hair. This hair shade gives an eye-catching look to your hair. Caramel shade gives a nice, sweet touch to your tresses. Try the balayage hair colouring technique with this hair shade to give a beautiful dimension to your locks. This shade gives an overly stark contrast to your hair and makes them look gorgeous. Thus, style your hair in curls to make the hair colour evident.

  • Black Hair with Cool-Toned Balayage Highlights

People who have dark coloured hair can go with a new kind of hair colouring technique, i.e., cool-toned balayage. Rather than creating blonde streaks, this technique involves lightening your hair strategically to give you subtle and natural-looking highlights. Try out this amazing hair shade to give a cool effect to your tresses.

So, these are some of the best black hair colours with highlights that you can try. Black colour is a classy shade and should be adorned as it is. As far as hair colouring is concerned, you can add the highlighted shades mentioned above to add depth and dimension to them. Use Godrej Expert Rich Crème dye to do it. This organic hair dye nourishes your strands and minimises hair damage. Try out these amazing highlight shades and give your hair a stunning look.