Brushes for your hair system, wig or hair extensions

You’d be surprised to hear that we advise against using regular brushes for your hairpiece as it can potentially damage your wig, human hair extensions or toupee for men.

There are specific brushes that serve different purposes for hairpieces. This article will outline and explain what each hair brush is ideal for.

You should brush your wigs and non-surgical hair replacement to prevent damage to the hair fibers. Wig brushes aren’t difficult to use, it’s gentle on hairpiece units, and it does nothing but good. Brush for wigs is designed to be gentle on wig fibers while detangling the knots to ensure a top-of-the-line look to your wig. Brushing your hairpiece will result in a longer-lasting unit – that’s just more time for you to enjoy it!

#1 Round Brush

A round brush is essential for that eye-catching styling. Round brushes come in a variety of sizes and handle materials. The handles tend to be constructed from either plastic or wooden material.

Large round brushes are great for straightening and drying long hair, eliminating any sort of frizziness to your hairpiece.

Medium to small round brushes help create additional hair volume – despite its circular appearance, a round brush is essential for straightening and curling hair. A smaller round brush is easy to handle, allowing you to point the hair in the right direction while simultaneously smoothing out the edges of the hair.

#2 Vent Brush

Ventilation brushes are ideal for short hairstyles. The vents on the hairbrush provide efficient airflow. Air travels from the blow dryer, then goes through to the ventilated hairbrush, then to the hair. This helps for quick styling and straightening of the hair. The vent brush also reduces drying time due to the amount of airflow ventilated through the brush.

A vent brush is commonly used to smoothen and straighten out short hair. It’s great for curling the edges and adding volume to the hair. If you prefer using a vent brush for your long hair, ensure you first use a fine-tooth comb to straighten out any hair – this process will lower the chances of the vent brush tangle. Moreover, it’s advised to dry your long hair first before brushing your wet hair.

#3 Looper Brush

Loop brushes are an asset when it comes to hair system accessories, especially if you own hair toppers or have medium to long hair.

The brush is in the shape of a traditional paddle brush with looped bristles to prevent the hair from getting caught when detangling – the loop brush is designed to be very gentle. It’s more proficient in soothing out and detangling hair rather than brushing the hair for styling purposes. If you plan on using it as your main brush, ensure you part your hair to make the process easier. Overall, it’s a great detangling brush.


Any of the listed brushes will be a great addition to your set of tools. Brushing and maintaining your hairpiece is crucial to its longevity. Whatever hair brush you end up choosing is all reflective of your preference and hair length.