Different Necklines for Women

The neckline can make all the difference to a dress. A simple dress with a fancy neckline or a clean-cut can totally change the look of a person. If you have noticed the party wear tops online, many of them are similar patterns and prints with different necklines or hem lengths. Here, you will be able to look at all the different necklines that you can sport and the occasions for which they are appropriate.

●    Straight Across:

As the name suggests, this cut runs straight across the breastplate. The neck is cut from one shoulder to another. This kind of neckline works best for off-the-shoulder tops or tube tops. You might find many females at the beach sporting this kind of neckline as they lounge about. It is a typical casual neckline and looks best when worn in relaxed settings.

●    Sweetheart Neckline:

This is a classy neckline that looks pretty similar to the lower part of the heart. The idea is to give an illusion of the chest of a woman being engulfed in a heart. This works well for formal as well as semi-formal occasions. You would notice quite a few evening gowns with a sweetheart neckline.

●    V – Neck:

This is another good neckline for formal occasions. It follows the shape of the letter V, hence the name. It can be as deep or shallow as you like. Deeper V’s are more appropriate for glamorous events, like a dinner date, while shallow V’s are great for formal settings.

●    Scooping Neck:

This neckline, too, holds true to its name. The neck scoops downward from both ends and forms a slight dip just above the bust. It can be created to be as revealing or concealing as you like. This is another example of a neckline that works for casual dressing. You will notice a couple of co-ord sets online in India that follow this neckline.

●    Asymmetrical Neckline:

This is also known as the one-shoulder neckline. The neckline cuts across the breastplate at an angle, and one shoulder is left completely bare. This works well with glamorous outfits. This cut is usually given on plain fabrics so that the pattern of the neck is the main focus.

●    Boat Neckline:

This is a simple neckline that is wide and exposes much of the lower neck and collarbones of the wearer. It runs from one shoulder to the other, sitting just below the collarbones. It is elegant, simple, and feminine and can be used for both casual and formal occasions. This is perfect for formal dresses of a shorter length.

●    Cowl Neck:

This kind of neckline is commonly observed in sweaters or knitted tops. A good amount of extra fabric is left on the top to allow the cloth to gather and form drapes around the neck. The neck is turned over itself, and the fabric then hangs and falls according to its weight. This is a commonly observed neckline in the winter as it keeps the entire neck and shoulder area covered.

Necklines can make all the difference and draw or negate attention according to their placement and cut. Dash and Dot is an online store with tops and dresses of various necklines that you can explore to take on a glamorous avatar.