Elevate Your Style with These Top 10 Australian Jewellery Brands.

Drawing inspiration from our breathtaking landscape and vibrant lifestyle, these Australian jewellery brands have captured the hearts of both local and international admirers. Australia’s jewellery scene is thriving with a plethora of talented homegrown designers. Despite the challenges posed by COVID, these creative minds not only survived but emerged stronger than ever. From impressive collections to inspiring designs, lockdown restrictions seemed to ignite their creativity. With a focus on personal investment and a range of factors like craftsmanship, sustainability, and brand values, our homegrown brands are exceeding expectations. Whether you seek a striking statement piece or a subtle, delicate jewel, these Australian jewellery brands are at the top of their game.
  1. Dinosaur Designs
Dinosaur Designs, renowned for their hand-crafted resin creations, has become an adored Australian jewelry brand. With a presence in Sydney, Melbourne, and New York, they export to over 20 countries. A significant milestone was their collaboration with Oscar de la Renta, designing exclusive bangles for the designer’s Spring 2022 collection.
Dinosaur Designs are amongst the list of best Australian jewellery brands.

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  1. Seb Brown Melbourne-based jeweler Seb Brown has been handpicked by Gucci’s creative director, Alessandro Michele, to be part of the brand’s sustainable and experimental online concept store, Gucci Vault. Known for their bespoke unisex rings inspired by ancient Mediterranean ceramics, Seb Brown’s creations showcase ethical and environmental consciousness.
Seb Brown, called on by Gucci as one of the best Australian jewellery brands.

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  1. Orange Cube
Discover a diverse selection of premium and ready-to-wear jewellery at Orange Cube. Their team of dedicated experts and designers are passionate about assisting customers in expressing their individuality. From meaningful charms to exquisite necklaces, elegant pendants, and stylish bracelets, Orange Cube caters to every style preference. Explore their Melbourne jewellery stores or browse their trusted online shop for a personalized shopping experience.

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  1. YCL Jewels
Fusing spirituality with aesthetics, each creation from YCL Jewels, an Australian jewellery brand, evokes a profound soul connection. After leaving her nursing career in 2013, self-taught jeweller and YCL founder Fabienne embarked on a journey to establish a brand that seamlessly blends beauty with intentionality. With a minimalist and inherently feminine aesthetic, YCL’s award-winning collections of ethically produced astrology pendants have gained immense popularity on Instagram, showcasing their exquisite craftsmanship and whimsical designs.
YCL Jewels

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  1. Amber Sceats 
Completing an ensemble with the ideal jewellery is truly unmatched. Discover the finest Australian jewellery brands, such as Amber Sceats, for exquisite gems, captivating trinkets, and precious treasures. Whether you desire attention-commanding statement earrings or a delicate stack of rings, explore these beloved Aussie labels to find your next gleaming keepsake, adding allure to your collection.
Amber Sceats

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  1. Brie Leon
When visiting Brie Leon’s online store, we can consistently rely on discovering something delightfully unexpected, and that’s precisely what keeps us coming back for more. Brie Leon’s vintage-inspired jewellery pieces possess a remarkable allure, neither overly extravagant nor ostentatious. Designed to seamlessly accompany any attire, they are travel-friendly and effortlessly transition from day to night. Anticipate an array of distinctive pendants, delicate chains, and an assortment of semi-precious stones from this esteemed Sydney-based brand.
Brie Leon

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  1. Avant Studio
Set, match, triumph. Commemorate this year’s Australian Open in a unique way with Avant Studio’s latest collection, On Court. Drawing inspiration from the elegance of tennis icons from the 1970s, this boutique brand based in Sydney presents a modern and sophisticated interpretation of tennis bracelets, designed to elevate your style and infuse everyday life with a touch of 70s allure.
Avant Studio. Photo credit: onetwo Agency

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  1. Sarah & Sebastian
Sarah & Sebastian create exquisite fine jewellery, featuring delicate necklaces and rings that are ideal for layering, alongside captivating sculptural pieces that make a bold statement. Their designs blend avant-garde modernity with innovative twists on timeless styles. Every piece is meticulously handcrafted in their Sydney studio using ethically sourced stones, as well as reclaimed gold and silver, reflecting their commitment to sustainability.
Sarah & Sebastian

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  1. Reliquia
Inspired by vintage aesthetics, Reliquia creates enduring jewellery meant to be cherished for generations. Combining timeless silhouettes and bold geometric shapes, their designs draw inspiration from both the art deco era and nostalgic jewellery pieces. Intricate engravings, oversized elements, and unique details adorn their earrings, pendants, bracelets, and hair accessories.

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  1. Ryan Storer
Embraced by magazine editors, celebrity stylists, influencers, and Australian women, Ryan Storer has become a favorite in the fashion world. This local jewellery designer is making waves with striking gold chains and edgy ear cuffs, offering the perfect accessories to express your unique style and elevate any ensemble.
Ryan Storer

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