How to Get Rid of Sneakers Creases?

Have you ever experienced your favorite pair of shoes fall to the wrath of creases right in front of your eyes? If you’re a shoe enthusiast, creasing is your worst nightmare. Moreover, if your trainers are made of leather-like the Yeezy 700 Honey Flux, they will crease and, sadly, will be apparent.

So, here’s a brief guide to removing creases off your shoes and a few things you can do to keep wrinkles at bay in the future.

How to Remove Creases from Your Sneakers?

It is easy to remove creases from your Yeezy 700 Honey Flux. You’ll need the following supplies:

1 – Your creased sneakers

2 – An iron

3 – A small damp towel

4 – Spare or old socks

The Crease Removal Method

1 – Take your spare socks and stuff them into the toe box of the sneakers so that the toe box is relatively firm and there is tension in the creases.

2 – Place a small damp cloth over the toe box area where the creases are.

3 – Carefully turn your iron to the hot setting. It would be best if you ironed where the creases are at a good steady pace over your damp cloth.

4 – Keep checking the creased area and iron until the creases are gone. Once the wrinkles have been removed, your sneakers should be back in almost brand-new condition.

Key Tip to Keep in Mind

Remember to move your cloth over the area as it will dry out while ironing it.

But before you get there, check out the preventative steps to prevent the creases in the first place.

Sneakers Crease Prevention Methods

1 – Use Your Old Socks

You must make sure that your old or spare socks are clean. When you’re not wearing your sneakers, tuck your old socks inside the toe box. It forces the leather to return to its original posture and stretch out, reducing wrinkles inside it.

2 – Shoe Trees

Shoe trees can be helpful and have the same effect as the old sock approach. Find a good shoe tree that is adjustable and has adequate toe box coverage. Besides, when you’re not wearing your sneakers, your shoe trees should be in them.

3 – Sneaker Shield and Similar Products

Shields are plastic toe box molding that you may put into your shoe to prevent the leather from creasing while you walk. There are various types on the market, so search around before making a purchase.

Wrapping Up

Creasing is unavoidable, but the good news is that you now know how to remove creases out of sneakers. So if you are looking for a fantastic pair of shoes, visit Hype Your Beast today!