How Women should choose the Right Shoes with an Outfit

All women out there love to dress up at their best, but if their footwear is not proper, the whole look of their most expensive outfit will not come out the way it should be. The perfect pair of shoes can add the final touch to your overall look. With endless colors, brands, styles, heel heights, and designs of footwear at stores and online to select from, it becomes quite confusing how to pick the right footwear. The following guide will help you to choose the right footwear with an outfit, irrespective of the color, season, or occasion it is.

  • Consider the color

Choose shoes from a reputable outlet like FSW shoes that matches your outfit instead of colors that compete with your clothes. Wear simple black flats or heels if you are wearing a dress with a bold, bright pattern. You can even consider wearing nude flats or heels when paired with a sparkly evening top.

Add zest to a plain type of outfit by wearing bright color shoes. For e.g. add a pop of color by pairing up a red heel with a brown or black dress. You can even try a dressy shoe with funky patterns like animal prints when you need to wear neutral jeans or trousers and a simple blouse.

  • Consider the perfect shoes for the season

You can be pretty flexible in the spring, as you can choose both summer and winter shoes as your entire wardrobe evolves through the spring season. However, the summer season is the best time for enjoying your espadrilles and sandals, but without the socks, of course.

You could be still somewhat a bit flexible in winter, but avoid espadrilles and open sandals. They don’t go well with the colors and fabrics of winter. Choose a good quality brand from well-known sources like FSW Shoes and buy loafers, boots, and flats for your winter wardrobe.

  • Choosing the right heels

You must choose to wear a pair of stiletto heels with clothing which already helps to elongate your legs, like slim pants, and pencil skirts. Stiletto actually creates an illusion of further length, thus making your legs look attractive and slender.

If you want to wear low heels, like kitten ones, it can be a more versatile option. They look appropriate for office wear while still looking feminine enough for a perfect night out. Avoid heels with T-straps or ankle straps if you have short legs. Strap even has a tendency to cut off the leg portion, thus making it look shorter.

You can even choose low-heeled sandals for a feminine, versatile look, and pair them with pant length or skirt length.

If you like to wear skinny-heeled boots, you can pair them up with straight-legged or boot-cut dark wash jeans or trousers.

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