Know Details About Moonstone Jewelry

They take great care to ensure that every piece of moonstone jewelry they offer in their store is handcrafted from natural, unprocessed moonstones. The moonstone jewelry in their collection has been selected for its white or blue luster and natural opalescent white color. Their jewelry is certified without treatment and chemicals. So you can wear them daily and according to your wishes.

Real fashion accessory

Over the years moonstone jewelry has become a real fashion accessory. Although each type of jewelry has its own meaning, they can perform new functions. Moonstone jewelry can be worn for decorative purposes (because it is beautiful), for identity purposes (because it refers to a different group of people), for religious purposes (because of what it represents), or for sentimental purposes (because it evokes a memory and keeps in mind one’s owner priceless value). They allow you to assert your style: whether you are bohemian chic, modern, luxurious or classic.

How to choose moonstone jewelry?

Since ancient times, moonstone has been associated with femininity, bringing softness and restoring the feminine and masculine energy balance. Wearing or giving a moonstone ring is the perfect way to express an emotional and sincere bond with a loved one through jewelry. As a universal symbol of femininity, gifting moonstone jewelry for Valentine’s Day, engagement or anniversary is the perfect proof of love.

If you prefer a necklace, wearing a moonstone necklace or moonstone pendant eases pain associated with the menstrual cycle, calms aggression and strong masculine energies. It stimulates intuition and envelops them in an aura of softness and purity. A stone of renewal, it teaches everyone that everything is part of a cycle. Worn as a bracelet, the moonstone accompanies everyone during important changes in pyople’s live and helps to move smoothly through the phases. A beaded moonstone bracelet (prefer bead size 6 or 8 mm, softer) is an invitation to gentleness and compassion.


In their shop they also offer beautiful moonstone earrings. Earrings are the epitome of purity. For a bluish glow, prefer cabochon earrings, which will better highlight the opalescence of the stone. Also know that during meditation the energy of the moonstone jewelry allows you to reach a deeper meditative state. Calms emotions and refocuses Yin and Yang energies.

Where does the moonstone in their jewelry come from?

With the exception of Black Moonstone, which is only found in Madagascar, they have chosen to source their moonstones exclusively from Sri Lanka, which practices ethical and responsible artisanal mining, with no chemicals or environmental degradation. In this area they also find the best quality moonstone for jewelry making.


White to black, through shades of orange and pink there are several colors of moonstone. The most sought after quality of moonstone is pearly white with a bluish iridescence found only in Sri Lanka or Tanzania. Each of these varieties is unique and each has its own characteristics.

Moon and moonstone symbolism

As the name suggests, people closely associate moonstone with the moon. Therefore, some consider it an alternative stone for those born on Monday, the “Day of the Moon”. Due to this lunar association and the aforementioned supposed calming effect, this moonstone jewelry is considered an excellent aid for those who have trouble sleeping.