Pamper yourself with stunning gold chains in various designs!

Gold chains are an incredibly versatile fashion piece. Suitable to be worn on their own or with light and heavy pendants, these have been a stable and preferred fashion piece for centuries! There are also so many different gold chain designs out there, the reasons for you to buy one have only increased! Be it for special occasions or casual attire, you will find hundreds of gold chain designs that will suit all your preferences and fashion requirements.

Popular types of gold chain designs

Flaunt your jewellery with these subtle and elegant gold chain designs!

  1. Basic chains

Basic gold chain designs would contain a subtle pattern that is combined sequentially to form links. These basic designs are popular since they allow you to experiment with different looks by adding minimal or statement pendants, depending on your outfit. Therefore, if you are looking for gold chain designs to complement your pendants, then look no further than basic chains.

  1. Delicate twirl gold chain

Are you looking for a chic and sleek addition to your everyday attire? Then look no further than the charming twisted gold chain designs that can easily accentuate your neckline! While these twisted designs can also enhance the beauty of diamond and gold pendants, the best thing about these gold chain designs is that you can wear them on their own for a simple day out.

  1. Figaro gold chain

Made from beautiful flattened links combining two designs placed sequentially, Figaro gold chains are one of the most exquisite gold chain designs worth considering. The pattern is popular usually among men but can also be a great addition to modern jewellery collections of women.

  1. Cable strands with pearls

Multi Strand cable gold chain designs are so cute that these will definitely steal your heart! These intricately created cable chains can bring out your natural beauty, especially when interlaced with freshwater pearls. These look gorgeous with practically any outfit and you could always personalise it by changing the number of layers you require.

  1. Dual toned gold chain designs

Get yourself a stunning dual-toned chain and pair it with gorgeous casual and ethnic attires! Choose between any of the two shades among yellow, white and rose gold, and you can get gold chain designs that feature two shades.

The classics have always been a perfect choice when it comes to jewellery. So, indulge in some new gold chain designs and experiment with different styles!