Want To Start Running? Write Down These 6 Tips

Starting to run can be a good way to include physical activity in your routine. Street running is one of the sports that has gained many followers in recent years. Among the sport’s advantages is the ease of getting started. It doesn’t take much more than a pair of sneakers and, in the case of women, a good top to run around. If you are also arousing interest in the sport, here are 6 tips to get started:

Go To The Doctor

Before starting to exercise, it is always good to see a doctor and do basic tests to see if your health is all right. Running is a high-impact exercise and requires a lot of the cardiorespiratory system, so seeing a cardiologist see if everything is in order with your heart is essential.

Strengthen The Musculature

It is not uncommon to see runners defending the sport because it is very democratic. All you have to do is put on sneakers and go out on the street for a walk, but without proper care, a high-impact activity such as running can cause injuries. If you are completely sedentary, it is best to start with muscle strengthening to reduce the chances of getting injured. Simple exercises to prepare the body for the effort are essential.

Have A Class

It is common to hear that running is the most collective individual sport among runners in the world. That’s because, although athletes often do their training alone, in their own time, having a group to share their achievements is an extra incentive. On the coldest and most tired days, knowing that you will meet friends may be the only justification for getting you out of bed early.

Start Small

Don’t think you’re going to start running today and do a marathon (run 42,195 meters) in 3 months. It takes time to evolve in the race. Start by alternating stretches of running and walking, and you’ll soon be able to run non-stop. It is healthy to take a few months to complete 10 km without walking. Also, don’t compare your pace (also called pace and measured by the time it takes to cover a kilometer) with that of someone who has been doing the activity for much longer.

Discipline And Patience Are Essential

As with all physical activities, in the running, it is necessary to maintain constancy to progress. You can’t get a good result training once every 15 days. Maintain the discipline of exercising at least three times a week. Over time, habit makes the challenge much easier.

Choose A Good Shoe

Especially if you’re a little overweight, a shoe with good cushioning and structure is essential, so you don’t get hurt. These days, you can find special street running shoes for every budget option. If you plan to practice activity every day, it’s good to have at least two pairs to alternate use and not need to wear your sneakers still damp with sweat, for example.