Why name labels for clothes must be washable?

For name labels for clothes, washing with hand, or washing with a washing machine or dryer is necessary. Therefore, for name labels attached to clothes, if the name tag stickers cannot be washed or this stick on clothing labels cannot tolerate washing powder, or cannot be dried by the ultra-high temperature of the dryer, the name labels are unqualified.

One of the most basic requirements for the stick on labels for clothing is washable. Being able to wash not only means that it does not fall off during the washing, but also requires no fading and no warping during the washing process, no damage to other clothes, no pollution to water, etc.

What is the correct way to install washable name tag stickers for clothing?

There are two kinds of washable name tag stickers for clothing, one is stick on no iron clothing labels, this kind of stick on name tag stickers for clothes is very easy to install, just peel off the name sticker from the release liner and stick it directly on the clothing or on other items surfaces, press hard to combine firmly.

For iron on name tag stickers for clothing, it needs to be pasted with an electric soldering iron at high temperature.

First, lay the clothes flat, then peel off the name tag labels from the release liner, place them on the cloth tags, and then iron them with an iron at high temperature for a few seconds, and then the name tags for clothes can be firmly attached.