6 Fashion Tips to Styling a Midi Dress

Midi dresses are fashion apparels that never go out of style. They add that vintage glamour to your looks and are comfortable and versatile. However, as flattering as they are, these dresses are tricky to wear and can make you look shorter. This shouldn’t bother you, though! You can achieve that captivating look with a midi dress only if you understand how to style your outfit.

 Here are midi dress tips for the fashion-conscious woman:

1. Choose the length wisely.

The best trick to achieving that flattering look lies in choosing the right dress length. Fit in the dress if shipping from a physical store or have the exact measurements when shopping online. If you have to make some length modifications, find an experienced tailor for the task. If you’re petite or have short legs, have the dress go slightly below your knee.

2 Spruce your look with heels.

Heels elongate your legs, making you look stunning. If you’re short or petite, put on some heels to avoid that frumpy look. Have the heel size match your outfit. The best rule is to choose a lower heel for a higher hem. What if I don’t fancy heels? Wear smaller heels and avoid flats as much as possible. They aren’t perfect matches for midi dresses.

3. Cut on the accessories.

 Midi dresses for women come in different colors and prints. Pairing your dress with some accessories adds a sense of style and accentuates your look. While you can add jewelry to your outfit, minimize the accessories. Otherwise, you’ll look too dressy, especially if wearing a patterned dress.

 If wearing plain attire, team it with a bright statement piece and avoid overdoing everything. Also, avoid rings and bangles and keep them to the minimum if you must wear them.

 4. Choose fitting dresses

A well-fitting dress is easy to style and will bring out your best features. If you look good in a fitting dress, then go ahead and wear it. However, ensure that the waistline is well fitted and the dress fits your body shape. Again, exude confidence which will make you stand out in the crowd.

5Layer up!

 Layering helps you to style any midi dress in your wardrobe. For instance, add a scarf or a layer of t-shirts under your dress on a trench coat to beat the cold weather. There are various ways to style your dress with other fashion accessories, only if you correctly match the colors.

 6. Go for prints

 Prints are a unique way of showcasing your personality and sense of style. There are different kinds of prints, and they range from floral, argyle, and stripes, and you can wear them beautifully. Floral prints are common in summer and come in unique colors. Choose what suits your skin tone and rock with a beautiful dress. One rule, though! Limit the accessories.

In summary, a midi dress fits different occasions, and you can pair it with various fashion accessories. To pull that striking look, choose the right prints and colors. Moreover, enhance your look with cute heels and a handbag. After all, who doesn’t like standing out from the crowds?