Perfect Summer Playtime Outfits for Your Tiny Tots

Summers are here and with that, your little ones must be getting thrilled and ready to play and picnic. It’s that time of the year when we as children used to look for reasons to go out and have fun with friends and family. Remember? So, deck up your kids’ wardrobes with the coolest and perfect playtime outfits this summer and get a chance to live your nostalgia once again. 

With lots of options and varieties around, the sense of fashion and style is evolving. Your kids not only want to go out but also look as cool as you. However, being parents, their safety and comfort are your foremost priorities. Below-mentioned are some options for perfect summer playtime outfits that you and your tiny tots will love. 

Jordan All-Around Game Boys T-Shirt

Inspired by the nature of children, Jordan has an adventurous collection of game and play outfits for boys that give them just what they want – a lift in life. Their premium collection of girls’ tees and shorts makes your young lady feel free and do whatever they love to do. Jordan is a tribute to Michael Jordan’s inspirational career as a basketball player. The brand started in the same year when Michael earned his second championship and the nickname – ‘Air Jordan’. Jordan All-Around Game Boys Tee is an all-time favorite among sports lovers. As its name, it is an all-rounder outfit whether it is an all-day football match or a gully cricket tournament in the evening with friends. It is 100% cotton so it keeps your super-energetic fellow cool.  

Nike Swoosh Wrap Dri-Fit Tee

A child knows no limitations and stays curious about anything and everything new and unique. Nike runs with the same attitude. They are the world’s leading innovators with fresh ideas for styling their fussy little friends. Today’s kids want to stay true to what they are and explore and discover every moment. Nike braces their journey.

It’s game time! Run, Jump, Train, Play – Nike Pro Dri-FIT Tee takes up all the challenges for the whole day. This summery sporty tee withers up the sweat and keeps your little sweaty pants fresh. It is made of 100% polyester fibers.

Converse Chuck Patch T-Shirt and Shorts 2-Piece Set

This tiny adorable two-piece is for all the little trendsetters. It is a must-have glittery floral chuck patch logo summer outfit for your fussy yet stylish little princess. Converse believes in a child’s creative spirit that has the power to change the world. The brand chooses originality over trends and designs the trendiest and snugly attires for the little tots, honoring their traits – fun, irreverent, energetic, and confident. 

But, no outfit is complete without a well-synced pair of branded shoes whether it’s for hiking or just for playtime. Pick up a pair of fancy shoes from the category of branded shoes for girls with the Peplum Tank & Printed Bike Shorts Set for your little miss and a smart and sporty pair of sneakers from the corner of branded shoes for boys for your naughty lad from online stores.

Visit Rookie USA for the best outfits today. Explore and let your cutie-pie have a great time. 

Happy Summers!