What Is the Special Thing About the Hamilton Pocket Watch That You Should Be Aware Of

Do you need some guidance when you set out to purchase a Hamilton pocket watch? If that’s the case, you should read this essay. Because they are fascinating and have endured for so long, Hamilton pocket watches are easy to get fascinated with.

However, it is not easy to determine which one would serve your needs best in terms of kind and budget.

Because of this, we’ve included a lot of details in this page to help you choose the right Hamilton pocket watch for you. This website was made to help you find Hamilton pocket watches by providing information about available models and price. Choosing the Hamilton Pocket Watch Gold is a special deal for you.

Hamilton pocket watches come in a variety of models, each with its own price tag.

Knowing the many models available and their prices is a crucial first step in finding the perfect Hamilton pocket watch for you. See below for a selection of Hamilton pocket watches and their relative prices.

Hamilton, Pocket Watch, Model S18

Production of the Hamilton S18 pocket watch started in around 1897. Despite being antique and maybe one of a kind, you may be able to purchase this for under a hundred dollars.

The superior exterior was crafted from silver ore. Rather than opening the book to see the face, the front cover is see-through. Very helpful, indeed.

Inside, the back is imprinted with the patent’s filing date. When trying to determine the exact model of a Hamilton S18, it is recommended that the serial number be checked. Each hour is shown by a Roman numeral, and the minutes are denoted by black tick marks to the right of the numeral. Additionally, a crimson numeral 5 will indicate the five-minute mark. So, the watch’s second hand is located where the VI number usually is. A visit to watchwatcher.app can make clear to you.

Furthermore, “Hamilton Watch & Co.” is tastefully inscribed on the watch’s face. On the rear, in an antiquated English font, is engraved: “Hamilton Watch Co. Lancaster PA.” Timepiece for the Broadway Limited Train Set

It’s no secret that Broadway Limited Railroad pocket watches are highly prized by collectors around. These watches, which normally have a 16mm case size and 17 jewels, frequently include large branding that reads “HAMILTON” across the open face.

To read the minutes on one of these vintage watches, just look for the tiny black tick marks on the dial. Each five-minute increment is represented by a red numeral, and a second hand and dial may be found where six would normally be. They may cost as little as $200 and as much as $500 or more, depending on their location and condition.

A 16-inch rendition of Hamilton’s three-quarter plate

The Hamilton three-quarter plate in size 16 is often considered one of the brand’s pocket watches to be the most accessible for the average collector. They’re known as railroad watches, and they often come in sizes that are larger than what you’d get from a producer of 12-size men’s dress watches.


The plates on the back of the watches have been chopped away to reveal the escarpments, thus the alternative name “three-quarter plate pocket clocks.” There’s a train bridge, a barrel bridge, and a stable bridge that’s been sliced in half so that you can see the balancing wheel and the cliff face. Many different quality levels are available, and you can tell them apart by their individual builds.