What Are The Different Kinds of Grinder Online That You Can Buy Right Now?

For anyone who is smoking weed on a regular basis, already knows what a grinder is, right? There are several kinds of grinders that can be easily found in the online market and each of them can offer you a different experience. The main use of a grinder is to ensure that the weed you are going to smoke becomes smooth and very refined, making it easier and pleasurable to smoke on a regular basis. You can shop for almost ten different kinds of grinders that are available in the market. If you are tired of crushing your marihuana with your hands, then you should definitely get hold of a grinder. So, if you are confused about which grinders you should use, then here are the different kinds of grinder that are available in the market in 2021.

Different types of grinders that you can buy

Grinders are available in different designs. They offer a wide variety of grinding results depending on the preference you have. That is why you should take a look at all these top grinders that we have shortlisted for you. Also, you can easily find them in different shops.


  • 2 Tlg (Two-part) grinders – as the name suggests, these mills consist of two parts that together form a mill unit. Each cut inside is made with sharp teeth to separate from the upper parts. This Grinder style is made up of plastic, aluminum, and metal We prefer metal grinders to their cheaper plastic and wood counterparts. In our experience, stainless steel grinders are more durable (their teeth are less likely to break and fall into your buds!) And provide a smoother and more refined grinding process every time you use it. It is quite similar to a 3tlg grinder about which we are going to discuss in the next point. The Storz & Bickel grinders can offer you with the best possible performance.

  • 3tlg (three-part) grinder – The 3-part grinder has an additional compartment designed to collect enough weeds after grinding to pass through small holes in the center compartment. While you can’t collect the bag just yet, they are more convenient because you don’t have to throw it on the surface and you risk losing valuable marijuana. You can easily find them on online shops. Storz & Bickel offer amazing grinders that come with great durability.

  • 4 Tlg (4-part) grinders – a 4tlg grinder has additional features that experts may have overlooked in a traditional 2tlg grinder. In particular, the four-part grinder has additional compartments – one for chopped sprouts and the other for the kefir. A combination of perforated and gravity holes at the bottom of the grinding chamber causes the residues to fall into the collecting chamber. The lower part is known as the kief holder because the screen only lets through the trichomes. These are usually made of aluminum and can offer a robust durability over time.

  • Metal Grinder – Metal crushers are by far the most efficient, especially among the manual models we’ve tested so far. They are characterized by their strong metal teeth, which can easily tear and twist even the thickest branches. Metal mills are also very durable and ideal for people who want to grind weeds, as they can easily be thrown in the bag or even thrown away and will work like new except for a few scratches. These herb mills can last for a very long period of time. Some grinders are even made of aluminum that offer the same strength.

Now that you have learnt about the different kinds of crushers that are available, let’s take a look at the major benefits of these grinders.

Benefits of Using Marijuana Grinders

Here are the most amazing benefits of using marijuana grinders that you can make enjoy –

  • Great consistency – a good weed grinder can help you to make the weed structure more refined before vaping. It is essential for the continuous extraction of vaporized chemical constituents in plants. In fact, the consistency of the grass is much greater than that of the type of vaporizer that is used to vaporize. Wood or stainless steel grinders are the best suited equipment for this purpose.

  • Thick Vapours – People often complain that they don’t pull out steam when they are vaping. In general, more people prefer large clouds. But the truth is, the vapors are more affected by how they have been grinded. If you want thick vapors, then you can order black leaf grinders for the best results.

So, here are the top things that you should know when you are planning to buy a brand new weed grinder for your marijuana. Visit black leaf grinder online and purchase you favorite products at the best prices.